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Ministry Volunteer Program

Wanted: Writers, Internet Tech Support, Shortwave Expertise is an outgrowth of our existing Internet web site Obviously the network site is the host and home of our radio activities with a Hosts Page and a complete catalogue of Christian Media books and tapes. The existing network site also has the schedule, the live Internet radio network feed, and general information on prophecy.


Writers Wanted 

Unfortunately, it seems that many of the daily news Internet web pages have gone a'whoring after the Rapture Cult. For example, the previously highly regarded WorldNet Daily recently added cultist and liar extraordinaire Hal Lindsey to provide a "spiritual" dimension to the popular site.

Shortly thereafter, Internet news seekers were treated to a flattering front page essay by none other than Jerry Falwell! In so-called "Christendom," there aren't any two preacher/liars that are bigger deceivers. No wonder WND has been quoted from more and more frequently by the mainstream monsters of 501c3 fame.

Because we believe the last days news from Pre-Apocalyptic Amerika should have a spiritual slant from the Biblical point of view (as opposed to the Jewish fables camp that is rapturedom) we launched to try to assimilate the information avalanche into something we can all use in a more concise manner.

This is an enormous task and we ask you to pray that God will give us the energy, insight, and spiritual fortitude to make it work. The success of such a project is hardly guaranteed. Indeed, various market analysts are now saying that about 50% of the current Internet organizations are going to fail in 2001 due to bloated overhead, high stock prices, and poor revenue. Most of the professional news Net sites are losing money and operating on venture capital.

We don't do debt or credit at Christian Media, so our approach is to go to our ministry family and ask them to pray the project through until God does what He wants with it. Our plan is to launch it as a weekly initially, then as stories are updated and we get the "rhythm" of the news gathering cycle, gradually move it to a daily.

One of the things we want to do with the new CMD website is to provide a vehicle for all that energy we found our listener/readers demonstrated in our late foray into the Internet bulletin board. Initially, the news page will be forced to carry news items generated from various Internet sources around the world, but we hope to transition to original stories quickly.

Our vision is to turn the remnant body (at least those of you with computers) into the eyes and ears of the rest of the body through this vehicle. Many of you are budding writers and fledgling Jimmy Olsons and Lois Lanes (reporters for the Daily Planet, of course), so why not get involved? If you know, for example, that your local school district is hiring pedophiles and there is a local controversy over the issue, you can report that info to the rest of us. If the local Babylonian church just built and sold 3 steeples "each 66 feet high" we want to hear about it! It should be obvious that one of the key ingredients here is the fact that massive numbers of stories don't go under-reported - they are never reported at all!

Even the alternative media misses vast numbers of stories that are significant. Is there another natural resources giveaway in your state by the politicos they don't want known? Send it in! If your local police "accidentally" shot another unarmed citizen at a routine commerce stop, let us know! Many of you want to write anyway, so here is your opportunity. Send your stories, news items, and information you think will be of interest to Here is your chance to contribute something to the cause of informing the remnant body of Christ as to how hot the fiery furnace is in your part of the planet. 

Internet-Audio Expertise Wanted

Christian Media has an ongoing need for tech savvy friends to help others get their Internet-Audio set up properly to receive our radio feed over the net. 

This involves being on the phone with folks that are new to computers, or new to listening to net radio. We have several helpers already, but would like to have ministry helpers in each region of the country. If you have solid technical skills (or if you need help yourself!), and the ability to patiently work with novices and those that need just a bit of help, email with your phone number and times when you can help.

Shortwave Radio Expertise

Similar to the above, many radio listeners have reception problems. There are many Ham operators among the Christian Media family, so if you have reception expertise and can help advise those with Shortwave reception problems, email (or call 541/899/8888) and leave your phone number.

Prayer Support Networking

The network is developing a live prayer program that will take on air prayer requests and call-ins. If you'd like to be involved in this project, please send us an email.

Islam & The Antichrist

Islam & The Antichrist
James Lloyd has produced a powerful 2 hour audio study examining the idea the Antichrist will be a Moslem leader. This CD shows how the clash between Islam and Israel will deceive a huge number of believers and how the Islamic Antichrist scenario is a Spiritual ruse, designed to deflect attention from the real Antichrist power.
Details Here!

Secret Sixes - The Second Season

Secret Sixes
The Second Season
In this unique production, host James Lloyd continues where the first Secret Sixes show left off, as the program documents more subliminal activities in the media. Drawn from the television series running on the CMRI Satellite Television Network (, this astonishing two hour program features dozens of examples of 666 subliminal imbeds.
Details Here!

Venomous Intent - The Plot To Control World Health

Venomous Intent
The Plot To Control World Health
The latest television production from the Sound Body ministry, the Lenox sisters have thoroughly researched the globalist effort to surreptitiously seize control of all aspects of medicine, pharmaceuticals, and nutrition. Venomous Intent further documents the connection between globalism and the corporate powers that are bent on control of every person's body, in a nefarious effort to politically dominate the world.
Details Here!

Symbols of an Alien Sky

Symbols of an Alien Sky
The new DVD release from David Talbot addresses the connection between ancient religious and social belief systems, and the global cataclysms that occurred in antiquity. It demonstrates how ancient religious myth is directly related to the panorama in our antiquarian solar system, but MUST be viewed through the lens of Scripture.
Details Here!

The Avatar Of Truth

The Avatar Of Truth
This 2 hour television program addresses the Eastern concept of an Avatar, utilizing the terminology found in Eastern and Oriental religious tradition, James shows how culture is commonly confused with Scriptural fidelity. We are treated to solid Biblical doctrine dealing with the crucial concept that salvation is exclusively found in the name above all names - Jesus Christ, as presented in the Holy Bible.
Details Here!

American Genocide - Population Control Via Vaccinations

American Genocide
Population Control Via Vaccinations
Sound Body hostess Susan Lenox shows how a particularly nasty version of the Tetanus vaccine was utilized on foreign countries to intentionally bring about sterilization of the female population. Prior vaccination efforts on American soil have already been linked to Brain Tumors, Lupus, Ovarian Cancers, Rheumatoid Arthritis, and the enormous surge in childhood Autism. Also addressed is the foreign testing of various "medical" protocols which are now being brought to the front lines of the globalist war on the American populace.
Details Here!

AquaRain Water Filter AR-200

AquaRain Water Filter AR-200
An American made, high quality Stainless Steel water filter system. Those "in the know" are well aware you simply cannot trust the water supply, and with environmental and political conditions deteriorating at an alarming rate, no one should be without a water filter.
Details Here!

Patriot Satellite Radio

Patriot Satellite Radio
Satellite Dish prices have dropped to the level of a low end Shortwave Radio receiver, and through a volume purchase of Satellite systems, we can now offer patriot radio fans a high quality system that almost anyone can afford. This 36-inch dish system comes complete with remote control, so with just one button, you can switch back and forth between TV programs, and MULTIPLE patriot radio networks and programs on your television set! It's never been this easy.
Details Here!

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