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Christian Media Changes Satellite, Realigns Shortwave

Effective immediately, Christian Media's flagship prophecy broadcast, The Apocalypse Chronicles, will be carried on Ku Band Satellite Monday through Friday for 2 hours beginning at 7 AM Pacific (10AM EST). This Satellite transponder is operated by American Voice Radio and is located at Telstar 5 - Transponder 5 - Freq. 11836 Symbol Rate 20.770 - PID 559 Left Side. This move follows the cessation of C Band Satellite transmission at the first of the year.

This program is a re-broadcast of the AC program produced and aired on the Christian Media Network from the preceding day. Thus, there is no change in the scheduling of the 2 hour daily program. The Apocalypse Chronicles joins the Sound Body broadcast which is already carried on the Satellite Tuesdays and Fridays at 3 PM Pacific.

After 10 years of being "On the air", we have had to regrettably stop transmission on shortwave radio. We just could no longer sustain the cost and have diverted our budgeting towards print and online programing. We appreciate the support of our longtime listeners and urge you to continue listening to Christian Media Network online.

All 6 Christian Media and CMRI Internet Streams will continue, and new broadcast formats, such as a new digital shortwave technology, are being studied. We urge all our listeners to be sure to send in contact data so we can notify you by mail as to further additions to our broadcast network activities. Send your name and mailing to Christian Media, Jacksonville Oregon 97530, or email

Islam & The Antichrist

Islam & The Antichrist
James Lloyd has produced a powerful 2 hour audio study examining the idea the Antichrist will be a Moslem leader. This CD shows how the clash between Islam and Israel will deceive a huge number of believers and how the Islamic Antichrist scenario is a Spiritual ruse, designed to deflect attention from the real Antichrist power.
Details Here!

Secret Sixes - The Second Season

Secret Sixes
The Second Season
In this unique production, host James Lloyd continues where the first Secret Sixes show left off, as the program documents more subliminal activities in the media. Drawn from the television series running on the CMRI Satellite Television Network (, this astonishing two hour program features dozens of examples of 666 subliminal imbeds.
Details Here!

Venomous Intent - The Plot To Control World Health

Venomous Intent
The Plot To Control World Health
The latest television production from the Sound Body ministry, the Lenox sisters have thoroughly researched the globalist effort to surreptitiously seize control of all aspects of medicine, pharmaceuticals, and nutrition. Venomous Intent further documents the connection between globalism and the corporate powers that are bent on control of every person's body, in a nefarious effort to politically dominate the world.
Details Here!

Symbols of an Alien Sky

Symbols of an Alien Sky
The new DVD release from David Talbot addresses the connection between ancient religious and social belief systems, and the global cataclysms that occurred in antiquity. It demonstrates how ancient religious myth is directly related to the panorama in our antiquarian solar system, but MUST be viewed through the lens of Scripture.
Details Here!

The Avatar Of Truth

The Avatar Of Truth
This 2 hour television program addresses the Eastern concept of an Avatar, utilizing the terminology found in Eastern and Oriental religious tradition, James shows how culture is commonly confused with Scriptural fidelity. We are treated to solid Biblical doctrine dealing with the crucial concept that salvation is exclusively found in the name above all names - Jesus Christ, as presented in the Holy Bible.
Details Here!

American Genocide - Population Control Via Vaccinations

American Genocide
Population Control Via Vaccinations
Sound Body hostess Susan Lenox shows how a particularly nasty version of the Tetanus vaccine was utilized on foreign countries to intentionally bring about sterilization of the female population. Prior vaccination efforts on American soil have already been linked to Brain Tumors, Lupus, Ovarian Cancers, Rheumatoid Arthritis, and the enormous surge in childhood Autism. Also addressed is the foreign testing of various "medical" protocols which are now being brought to the front lines of the globalist war on the American populace.
Details Here!

AquaRain Water Filter AR-200

AquaRain Water Filter AR-200
An American made, high quality Stainless Steel water filter system. Those "in the know" are well aware you simply cannot trust the water supply, and with environmental and political conditions deteriorating at an alarming rate, no one should be without a water filter.
Details Here!

Patriot Satellite Radio

Patriot Satellite Radio
Satellite Dish prices have dropped to the level of a low end Shortwave Radio receiver, and through a volume purchase of Satellite systems, we can now offer patriot radio fans a high quality system that almost anyone can afford. This 36-inch dish system comes complete with remote control, so with just one button, you can switch back and forth between TV programs, and MULTIPLE patriot radio networks and programs on your television set! It's never been this easy.
Details Here!

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Abortionist Dr. George Tiller gunned down by former Prophecy Club organizer Scott Roeder

Censorship 2009

AOL Isn't The Only One Blocking Net Access Of CMN - Are You Financially Supporting Internet Censorship By Using These Companies?


April 2006 Update!

AOL Caught Again blocking Net Addresses Of Opponents - Are You Still With Antichrist On Line?

Real Life Tragedy:

Puppies Killed As AOL Blocks Rescue

Corporate Power Run Amok:

- The Menace Of AOL's Monopolistic Practices

- Earthlink Rips Off Christian Ministry

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